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“Sommoscapo” (1) of a Ionian column. Upper band partially decorated with a so-called “anthemion”, a frieze of alternating palmettes and lotus flowers. Probative comparison with a similar element from the temple of Marasà in Locris, dating back to 480-470 B.C. In this case, the element has smaller dimensions and originates from a different cave. Partially degraded by Lithophages. Quadrangular hole for inserting a cramp in the upper section.

IANNELLI et al. 1993, p. 9

1 Upper part of the column where the capital was inserted.



Iannelli M.T. et al. 1993, Kaulonia – Rinvenimenti archeologici tra il tempio dorico e il fiume Assi, in Archeologia Subacquea I, pp. 1-20.

MUSAS Ref. No.KAU-16DimensionsHeight cm 113 x diam. cm 65. Height (anthemion) cm 32MaterialsLimestone with holes caused by Lithophaga.LocationSandpit, Archaeological Museum of Ancient Caulon. Fourth from the right.OriginMonasterace (RC). Stretch of coast between the torrent Assi and the Doric temple in the Ancient Caulon.Dating480-470 B.C.Share