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A male statue in white marble, accompanied by a dolphin serving as a support: it is a representation of the god Neptune found in the waters of the port of Baiae. The arms and the left foot were missing, but not the head, as it was stolen at a later time.

The sculpture, dating back to the II century A.D., was inspired by a much older Greek model of the V century B.C. and stands as another confirmation of the active presence of copyists’ workshops in Baiae.

The statue presents an extensive bioerosion caused by boring sponges, visible as minute holes on the outermost and better preserved layers and as sub-globular cavities in the innermost layers. The degradation covers approximately 80% of the artefact, with a considerable loss of stone material, e.g. on thighs, calves and abdomen. SEM observations highlighted also the presence of marble deterioration caused by endolithic microorganism like fungi and green microalgae.

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MUSAS Ref. No.BAI-014Inv. No.B.n.p. 000199MaterialsWhite marbleLocationArchaeological Museum of Campi Flegrei, anteroom 55OriginPort of Baia (1930)DatingII century A.D.Share