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Dionysius, powerful god of wine, is represented in the Submerged Imperial Nymphaeum as a graceful young man, resting on a small pillar and covered with a cloak, while offering wine from a jug (now lost) to a panther adorned with a vine shoot on the collar.

The statue was found during the systematic excavations of the complex in 1981 and adorned one of the lateral niches of the room. Thanks to its symbolic value, it suited perfectly for banquets and wine-drinking.

Replica of the statue placed in situ (photo: M. Stefanile)

The statue does not show signs of biological degradation.

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MUSAS Ref. No.BAI-018Inv. No.222739DimensionsHeight cm. 140MaterialsMarbleLocationArchaeological Museum of Campi Flegrei, room 55OriginSubmerged imperial nymphaeum of Punta dell'Epitaffio (1981)DatingI century A.D.Share