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This valuable sculpture group, created in the Imperial age according to a Hellenistic model, is probably related to a Rhodian statue from the II century A.D and depicted a Cupid on the lap of the goddess Psyche seated on a rock; Cupid is gently touching her breast. The quiver and arrows of the little Cupid are placed on the ground, on the surface of the plinth.

The sculpture – found in the waters of the port of Baia, among the remains of the sunken palace complex – is in a good preservation state, even though both heads and other important elements are missing.

The artefact presents a very good preservation state, with some portions of the base and drapery characterized by an evident biological degradation caused by endolithic sponges.

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MUSAS Ref. No.BAI-011Inv. No.150386DimensionsHeight cm 131MaterialsMarbleLocationArchaeological Museum of Campi Flegrei, room 53OriginFound at the Port of Baia (1923-1924)DatingI-II century A.D.Share