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Pierced stone. Ovoid shape and flattened section. Four communicating holes in pairs are crossing the pebble lengthways. Human workmanship seems limited to a groove serving as a passage for fastenings, along one the extremities. Used for weighting.

The stone shows minute sub-circular perforations caused by bioerosion of endolithic boring sponges (family Clionaidae).

MEDAGLIA 2002, pp. 177-178



Medaglia S. 2002, Materiali erratici dal mare di Kaulonia, in Archeologia Subacquea, Studi Ricerche, Documenti, III, pp. 163-185.

MUSAS Ref. No.KAU-12Former cm 20; width cm 15; average hole diam. 2.5; weight kg 4.MaterialsBeige river pebbleLocationGarden, Archaeological Museum of Ancient CaulonOriginMonasterace (RC). Stretch of coast between the torrent Assi and the Doric temple in the Ancient Caulon.DatingUncertainShare