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Tubular element. Cylindrical shape; hollow inside. The lesser opening is riveted; by the larger one there is a nail hole. Used as a handle or a reinforcement for a wooden pole.

The artefact does not present signs of biological colonisation.

Medaglia S. 2002, Materiali erratici dal mare di Kaulonia, in Archeologia Subacquea, Studi Ricerche, Documenti, III, pp. 163-185.

MUSAS Ref. No.KAU-06Inv. no.78691DimensionsHeight cm 11.6; width cm 2.7; med. thickness cm 0.4; openings diam. cm 1.6-2,2; weight kg 0.25.MaterialsLeadLocationDepot, Archaeological Museum of Ancient CaulonOriginMonasterace (RC). Stretch of coast between the torrent Assi and the Doric temple in the Ancient Caulon.Share