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A rectangular large band, folded on itself. The ends are barely joining. A nail hole is located by the junction. The upper edge is riveted. Fractures.

“Head” ferrule. Used for foundation works (on stilts or underwater), it was inserted on the beam head to avoid its wearing out when hit by the pile driver (1).

The artefact does not present signs of biological colonisation.

Giuliani C.F. 1990, L’edilizia nell’antichità, Roma.

Medaglia S. 2002, Materiali erratici dal mare di Kaulonia, in Archeologia Subacquea, Studi Ricerche, Documenti, III, pp. 163-185.

MUSAS Ref. No.KAU-04Inv. no.78667DimensionsMedium height cm 6; med. diam. cm 11; holes diam. cm 0.4-0.5; weight kg 1.76.MaterialsLeadLocationSandpit at the entrance of the National Archaeological Museum of Ancient CaulonOriginMonasterace (RC). Stretch of coast between the torrent Assi and the Doric temple in the Ancient Caulon.Share