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Lead filling of a wooden anchor stock. It is composed of two parallelepiped-shape arms joined by a lead tab 3 cm long and a few mm thick. The back of the bar has a humped profile. Along the two longer sides, two protruding ribbings provide the two arms with a particular mushroom-shaped section.

The artefact does not show signs of biological degradation.

MEDAGLIA 2002, p. 171



Medaglia S. 2002, Materiali erratici dal mare di Kaulonia, in Archeologia Subacquea, Studi Ricerche, Documenti, III, pp. 163-185.

MUSAS Ref. No.KAU-09Inv. no.78636DimensionsLength cm 34.5; width cm 5.4; thickness cm 3.1; average arms’ length cm 16.MaterialsLeadLocationMDepot, Archaeological Museum of Ancient CaulonOriginMonasterace (RC). Stretch of coast between the torrent Assi and the Doric temple in the Ancient Caulon.Share