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Female statuette in bronze, discovered in one of the inlets of the port, filled with lead to be used as a counterweight. Heavily worn out (face and hands). Traces of a probable applique on its head. Perhaps it can be interpreted as part of a steelyard balance.

The artefact does not present traces of biological colonisation.

Sciarra Bardaro B., Andreassi G., Il porto, in AA.VV., Mare d’Egnazia dalla preistoria ad oggi. Ricerche e problemi, Fasano 1982, p. 114-115

MUSAS Ref. No.EGN3Inv. No.233885DimensionsHeight: 21.5 cm; max width (with open arm) approx. 10 cmMaterialsBronze / LeadLocationNational Archaeological Museum of Egnatia “Giuseppe Andreassi”, showcase with caption 1.13.OriginEgnazia, coves of the portOriginII century B.C. – III century A.D.Share