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Fragmentary bowl with a thickened rim and a raised ring foot, with a residual decoration in red and manganese brown on the bottom. A trellis in manganese brown is visible. The preservation state does not allow for determining the type of whitish coating.

A part of the artefact presents well-visible and roundish algal thalli of a colour varying from white to intense pink, caused by the growth of encrusting red algae. The calcareous tubes made by sedentary Polychaeta (sea worms) and colonies of Bryozoans are visible, too.


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MUSAS Ref. No.CAPCOL-30DimensionsPresumed top diam. cm 21; foot diam. cm 9; h. cm 7MaterialsTerracottaLocationDepot, National Archaeological Museum of Capo ColonnaOriginWreck of Alfieri BDatingXIII century A.D.Share